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NASA's Meet @ Las Vegas was Thorbecke's 14th Title!
Team Champs at NASA Las Vegas, Nevada Meet 6/06
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ThorBro Competitor:

242.50 Jay Carlile-
 SET world records
in the squat, deadlift
and total.

Placed 1st
and Totaled 1791 lbs

Marty Einstein bench lifts 475.25 lbs @ the NASA Meet in Las Vegas, NV 6/06

198.25 Marty Einstein-
SET 3 world records
in the bench press
lifting 457.25lbs
and totaling 1521 lbs
Marty Einstein benching 475.25 lbs. at Las Vegas
Placed 2nd
in the Master One Division

198.25 Fred Millan-
completed a nice squat
with 545 lbs

had to withdraw
due to shoulder injury

198.25 Patrick Harrity
had a great meet

Placed 2nd
in the 198 Master Pure Division

198.25 Walt Sword-
bench only

Placed 1st
in the 198 Master One division

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