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Personal Training

Decades of training, experience, meets and products, a Master of Legends in Training and PowerLifting has been and is still scheduling personal training. Experiences including his first record, a personal incline record setter, to a recent Meet secured again by Thorbecke's Gym and Coaching. Weight Management is not limited to any gender, age or race. Brick Darrow has an overwelming proven history and consistent results guaranting SPECIALIZED and ACCURATE goals. Results are promised by many and Brick has mastered and is interwoven and co-equals of Legendarys of American Powerlifting History. Places like the Famous "Muscle Beach" in Venice, Californina where Arnie Swarzeneggar trained in attendance with SuperStar Billy Graham, Steve Copello, and Brick Darrow. 

Personal Training with the Legendary Brick Darrow!

Thorbecke's Gym
936 N. Stadem Drive
Tempe, Arizona 85281